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Remarkable People, Powerful Standards

Consero is a platform for peer-to-peer interaction at the most senior level. These are intimate, highly focused events. And every facet of them is designed to spark new ideas, perspectives, and connections.

What Sets Consero Apart?

Consero’s invite-only events are built around curated content, tailored itineraries, and, most importantly, the most influential minds of today. Here’s why we’re different.

The Consero Experience

The right people.

We put exceptional care into ensuring the individuals we gather together—whether in the room or on the screen—are the most well-suited people for the critical discussions of today. That means true peer-to-peer interaction among senior executives. It means everyone is a decision maker. And ultimately, it means discussions are focused, and topics transformational.

  • Thorough vetting and onboarding
  • Exclusively senior leadership
  • Optimized alignment of sponsoring partners to attendee needs
The Consero Experience

The right environment.

No two senior leaders have precisely the same goals or challenges. So we have created a focused, highly efficient experience that doesn’t just feel individualized—it actually is. These are intimate gatherings with curated content, and each is designed to serve senior leaders in addressing their challenges.

  • Best-in-class service providers and premier accommodations
  • Meticulously tailored itineraries
  • Highly trained staff focused on white-glove service
The Consero Experience

The right results.

First, we gather the most senior leaders of industry. Then we immerse them in an entirely customized setting. But the real magic is what comes next. Because when we connect brilliant minds around big challenges, we spark shared solutions. We spark unexpected points of view. And above all, we spark ideas that may change the future. This is the power of Consero.

  • Active roles for all attendees
  • Curated networking opportunities throughout the events
  • Conversations that matter and connections that last

Where We Specialize

The Consero experience is focused around one of five core functions—Legal, Human Resources, Procurement, Customer Experience and Technology.

Attend a powerful experience.

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