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Consero Was Created To Connect

After attending countless mega-conferences, we knew our formula must be different. So we challenged every convention and detail of our past experience in order to build something entirely distinct and truly transformative.

Sparking a Community

More important than the construct of our experience is the feeling our attendees, our partners, and our team take with us. We are building a network. And everyone who joins us makes the Consero community infinitely stronger.

The Consero Difference

A Series of Powerful Parts

Each arrow-like form represents a unique perspective, a disparate experience, a defined point of view. Because each of our attendees—and each of our colleagues, for that matter—brings something distinctly their own to Consero.

The Consero Difference

An Irreversibly Linked Network

We are so much greater than the sum of our parts—and thus, from eight individual facets emerges one momentous whole. Consero is a platform designed to connect. To unite. To irreversibly knit together our attendees through dynamic content and conversation.

The Consero Difference

A Spark To Ignite the Future

This is the spark. The feeling we seek to create in every Consero experience. It’s the magic that happens when brilliant minds discuss critical ideas. And it’s designed to endure and grow in transformational ways long after each event concludes.


Paul Mandell

Founder and CEO

Jessica Druckman

Founder and Senior Vice President

William Card

Founder and Senior Vice President

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