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Brand Protection & Anti-Counterfeiting Roundtable

San Francisco, CA

April 19, 2023


A global market offers vast opportunity for both exceptional brands and those who seek to misuse them.

Armed with increasingly sophisticated technology and creative new methods, today’s heads of brand protection and anti-counterfeiting are better prepared to defend the business and its brands than ever before.

Topics for discussion include:

  • Bringing Brand Protection to Washington: Increasing Legislative Priority For Anti-Counterfeiting
  • Grappling With Trademark Issues In The NFT Space
  • Leveraging Consumer Loyalty: How Brands Can Engage Their Audience On Counterfeiting
  • E-Commerce and Enforcement: Addressing Overlapping Counterfeit on Legitimate Channels

Please view Consero’s health and safety protocols for in-person events here.


Critical Voices, Exceptional Dialogue

Hear from and interact with some of the most influential voices in this space.

Diane Gabl Kratz

Senior IP Counsel, Manager

Dolby Laboratories

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