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March 2017

Corporate Litigation Report

An increasing volume of cases, persistent data privacy concerns, and a swelling mountain of electronically stored information are just a few of the pressing priorities for today’s chief litigation officers. The work of this group of legal executives on such issues impacts virtually every element of a large corporate entity—from HR to IT to Finance and beyond. As such, the chief litigation officer requires the necessary budget and personnel, strong partnerships with outside counsel, and efficient processes to protect their organizations from risk and support the business in other ways.

Report Structure And Methodology

Consero’s 2017 Corporate Litigation Report was developed in partnership with Inventus, and in connection with Consero’s 2016 Corporate Litigation events. The 52 respondents included heads of litigation from mid-to large cap companies in the U.S. Questions were tailored to the priorities and challenges this group of legal executives face, with the report designed to provide insight into litigation department focus areas for 2017.

This Report In The News

  • Corporate Counsel: Reducing Legal Spend Still Top Concern for Many Litigation Chiefs