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January 2020

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report

The compliance and ethics function continually grows more complex as companies face new regulatory matters, navigate more difficult privacy challenges, and continue to expand their network of third parties. In order to handle these various challenges effectively, chief compliance and ethics executives must have strong compliance training programs, efficient hotlines, and management teams that promote a compliant culture. The corporate compliance and ethics function today works across functions to minimize bribery and corruption, increase data privacy and security measures, and drive employee compliance training, among other responsibilities. In the year ahead, compliance executives will need to leverage the right technology, people, and processes to manage compliance and ethics risks facing their companies most effectively.

Report Structure And Methodology

Consero’s January 2020 Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report was developed in connection with Consero’s bi-annual Corporate Compliance & Ethics Forum, which took place in September 2019. The survey was deployed in person, resulting in a total of 55 responses from the senior most compliance executives of Fortune 1000 organizations. The results below provide a brief glimpse into the issues and opportunities facing the compliance community today.