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January 2018

Corporate Legal Operations Report

Chief Legal Operations executives juggle the business, processes, and people of in-house legal departments to support these departments in protecting and growing their companies. This balancing act requires a multidisciplinary set of skills including strategic planning, legal data analytics, tool investments, and vendor management. While the chief legal officer of some companies might be tasked with facilitating legal operations, an increasing number of businesses are charging a separate executive with these responsibilities as well. The following survey report was designed to provide greater insight to this collective group of executives.

Survey Structure & Methodology

Consero created its 2018 Legal Operations Survey Report in connection with its 2017 Corporate Legal Operations Forum. This forum focused on senior-level Legal Operations executives from companies with between 5,000 to 100,000+ employees. Consero conducted a 13-question survey at the forum, collecting 65 responses that provide a window into the priorities and challenges facing Legal Operations executives today.

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