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January 2017

Healthcare General Counsel Report

The regulated nature of the healthcare industry makes for a complex system, which today’s legal executives must navigate carefully. Making the landscape even more complicated are the variety of other challenges that accompany business in any industry, including data privacy and finding the right talent to manage necessary work. From managing changes arising from the Affordable Care Act to HIPAA/HITECH compliance to protecting their systems from cyber attacks, General Counsel within healthcare must be able to count on a capable team of inside and outside counsel to ensure their hospitals and health systems are protected and able to provide the best value to patients across the nation.

Report Methodology

Consero’s 2017 Healthcare General Counsel report, developed in partnership with Broad and Cassel LLP, was created in connection with Consero’s 2016 Healthcare General Counsel Forum for GCs from mid- to large-sized healthcare systems in the U.S. The survey reflects the participation of 54 General Counsel.