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February 2017

Talent Management Report

The Chief Talent Officer is charged with overseeing a company’s main resource: its people. This group of executives must work tirelessly to ensure that their organizations are attracting and retaining top talent that will move the business forward. To complete their mission successfully, talent management executives must create and maintain programs that develop their employees. They must also leverage novel strategies and tools like predictive analytics to assess and improve their current talent acquisition and management programs. In working with business leaders to develop a talent management strategy and engage their workforce in the company’s corporate culture, the Chief Talent Officer plays among the most critical roles in managing the company’s most important assets.

Survey Methodology

The Talent Management Report, prepared in partnership with IBM, was developed in connection with Consero’s December Talent Management Forum for senior-level talent management executives from organizations with a range of headcount levels. The 17-question survey yielded responses from 50 participants.