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August 2017

Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report

The corporate compliance and ethics function grew significantly in the early 2000s, largely in response to new regulations addressing bribery and corruption, as well as other corporate misdeeds in a variety of industries. However, the role continues to evolve, leading compliance and ethics executives more deeply into matters relating to risk management, data privacy, and third-party oversight. To manage an ever-growing list of responsibilities, while also navigating shifts in the regulatory environment, these corporate leaders must continue to work with their senior leadership to secure proper access to budgetary resources and leverage their teams to secure a long-term culture of compliance and ethics throughout the organization

Report Structure And Methodology

Consero’s Spring 2017 Corporate Compliance & Ethics Report was developed in connection with Consero’s biannual Corporate Compliance & Ethics Forum. The anonymous survey contained fifteen questions addressing top focus areas for Fortune 1000 compliance and ethics executives in 2017. A total of 55 executives participated in the survey.