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Chief Human Resources Officer Report

Now more than ever, the Chief Human Resources Officer plays a crucial role in the workplace. This position is evolving rapidly to meet the demands of organizations spanning multiple regulatory environments. Whereas Chief HR Officers once focused on organizations’ human resources in one environment, today many oversee vast networks of employees on multiple continents and implement workforce development strategies on a global scale. CHROs are particularly important in helping companies handle the issues that accompany the expansion into new global markets, focusing on developing regulatory procedures to suit different regions while preserving a company’s core culture.

Report Structure & Methodology
Consero developed its 2019 Chief Human Resources Officer Report in connection with its annual CHRO Forum, which took place in October 2019. The 11-question survey resulted in a total of 47 responses from senior-level Human Resources executives. The results below provide a brief glimpse into the issues and opportunities facing these executives today.