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January 26, 2022

Dual or Dueling Employee Experiences? Creating Equity without Envy

For a growing number of companies, the remote work policies adopted out of necessity in early 2020 have now become the norm. Nearly 2 years into the pandemic, data shows that more than half the American population (58%) is working remotely at least part-time, and 41% of those workers are now fully remote.

For many organizations, there are now 2 distinct work environments – one that’s represented by the more familiar, traditional workplace (office, hospital, factory floor, etc.), and one that’s being created by employees for themselves, whether at home or in another remote location. Within this dual experience, some unique challenges have emerged:

  • When individuals spend most of their time outside a physical workplace, leaders have less visibility and significantly less control over the day-to-day experience of their teams. What environmental and behavioral factors are impacting EX now, and what should People leaders consider as they execute and evolve their strategies for the future?
  • In working with employees across this dual reality, how can leaders ensure that “out of sight does not mean out of mind,” and avoid potential equity traps that could impact performance, developmental opportunities, or even compensation for remote workers?
  • For employees that elect to, or are required to return to the office, how do we combat feelings of resentment based on perceptions of reduced safety or flexibility when compared with workers who remain largely remote?
  • What is the impact for managers and what support do they need to learn and lead differently?
  • In this invitation-only event, we’ll explore the many dimensions of this new, dual employee experience and share data-driven strategies, as well as real-world advice, to position your team for success.

Topics for discussion include:

  • The Workplace Factors Driving EX Now
  • Closing the New Equity Gap in Your Employee Experience
  • Breakout Discussion: What Do We Know Today
  • Breakout Discussions: Action: What Do We Do About It in 2022

Critical Voices, Exceptional Dialogue

Hear from and interact with some of the most influential voices in this space.

Emily Killham

Client Data Researcher

Perceptyx, Inc.

Sarah Johnson

Vice President of Enterprise Surveys and Analytics

Perceptyx, Inc.

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