Startup Acceleration Forum

July 23–25, 2017, Island Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

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Startup Acceleration Forum

July 23–25, 2017, Island Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

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Join the nation's most innovative startup founders for 48 hours of inspiration and insight, networking and learning, and proven strategies to help your company grow.


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Topics For Discussion

  • Critical Startup Wisdom: Recent Lessons From Those Who Have “Been There, Done That”
  • Fighting The Never Ending Culture And Morale Battle
  • Straight Talk From VCs On Success In 2017
  • New Must-Have Technology For Your Startup
  • Startup Advice From Fellow Founders: Small-Group Troubleshooting
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Island Hotel, Newport Beach, CA

690 Newport Center Drive, Newport Beach, CA 92660

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Startup Acceleration Forum Partners Include

Startup Mentors, Speakers & Attendees Include

  • BRANDON WHITE (Zeuss, Inc.), Chief Executive Officer
  • TIM KEOUGH (WythMe), Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • RACHEL KORETSKY (upace), Chief Executive Officer
  • YIANNIS GIOKAS (PCCW Global), Vice President, Research & Development
  • SHEENA ALLEN (Phocal), Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • MANPREET SINGH (TalkLocal), Founder
  • PATRICK MATOS (CareLulu, Inc.), Founder and Chief Executive Officer
  • FRANK TAYLOR (RESTIN), Chief Executive Officer
  • PAM GRANOFF (Latam Founders), Founder
  • EDDIE LOU (Shiftgig), Chief Executive Officer
  • JOEL HORNSTEIN (DreamFund), Founder and Managing Director
  • MIKLOS GROF (Gust), CEO at Fundacity and Director at Gust
  • MICHAEL HALL (Digital Grass), Founder
  • GEORGE ZALOOM (Golden Rat Studios), Founder
  • BIANCA GRIFFITH (Agua Inc), Chief Executive Officer
  • DANIEL BIENE (Legalbase), Chief Executive Officer and Co-Founder
  • WILLY OGORZALY (Lawbooth), Chief Executive Officer
  • MIKITA MIKADO (PandaDoc), Chief Executive Officer
  • NICK BAYERQUE (Gone), Chief Executive Officer
  • BEN CONGLETON (Olark), Chief Executive Officer
  • GRANT ELLIOTT (Ostendio, Inc.), Chief Executive Officer
  • ZACH MARION (Zemma Productions, Inc.), Director
  • JOE BELSTERLING (MajorClarity), Chief Executive Officer

Frequently Asked Questions

1Who should apply to attend?
We are looking for 100 innovative startup founders from across the U.S. and abroad. Founders need to:
  • Be past the idea stage and have been in business for at least a year.
  • Be a commercial enterprise, not a nonprofit.
  • Have achieved certain milestones of growth, revenue, test completion, etc.
  • Have annual revenue or working capital.
2Why should I attend?
Consero’s Startup Acceleration Forum is an "anti-conference" that challenges the existing conference model and focuses on optimized value for our attendees.
  • Invite-only event for startup founders
  • An intimate, small group setting for learning and networking among your peers
  • High-level discussions to encourage collaboration and to tackle real challenges
  • Learn from veteran entrepreneurs and how to avoid major pitfalls
3What is the goal of the event?
Our goal is to bring together a curated group of entrepreneurs to learn from one another and to find solutions to some of the biggest challenges they are facing as a startup. We want founders to leave feeling inspired with new ideas, new connections, and new skills to succeed!
4What is the format for the event?
There will be a mix of panel discussions and interactive sessions led by veteran entrepreneurs, and casual unstructured networking throughout the 2 days.
1Where is the event?
Island Hotel
690 Newport Center Drive,
Newport Beach, CA 92660
(305) 374-3900
2What does it cost to stay at the hotel each night?
A discounted group rate has been reserved for our attendees.
3How do I get there?
Nearest Airports: John Wayne Airport, Orange County (SNA) or Los Angeles International Airport (LAX). All attendees will need to provide their own transportation to and from the airport.
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Attendees Rave for the Startup Acceleration Forum

  • Every time I attend a Consero conference, I walk away with great conversation and new friends. It's one of the few conferences I go to for business and pleasure.
    Ben ​Congleton
  • Startup Acceleration was a tremendous experience. I was among a select group of inspiring founders and leaders who shared unique approaches to their startups and the successes and challenges they’ve experienced ... If you’re leading a startup, don’t miss this one—this group will inspire and move you forward in ways you can’t imagine.
    Chris Lester
  • Sometimes it’s helpful to get out of the echo chamber of the office and exchange ideas with others who are struggling (or have struggled) with the same issues in running a startup. Consero’s startup forum provides that opportunity. Many entrepreneurs will find that 48 hours away from the office is just what the doctor ordered and will find themselves energized upon their return.
    Jason Shrensky
    Complex Interests
  • I found the Consero Startup event incredibly valuable and a great investment of my time. As a first time entrepreneur to have the opportunity to learn from so many other entrepreneurs of varying experience levels was priceless. Just to know that what I had been going through was normal gave me huge encouragement, and I made a ton of great new connections.
    Grant Elliott
  • Being a part of a community where peers are working with their peers and going through the same challenges is extremely valuable. The largest payoff for me and my company were the discussions and dialog that continued even after the event was over.
    John Jabara
    Savenia Labs
  • The Startup Acceleration Forum is a great event for entrepreneurs interested in making impactful connections very quickly. The smaller size of the forum allows for real relationship-building and more meaningful conversations. Within days of the event, we landed a new customer and were invited to present at a conference thanks to new connections.
    Brewster Stanislaw
    Inside Social
  • I attended the first Consero startup event in Las Vegas. The group was a diverse set of startup entrepreneurs from a variety of industries and company stages. It gave me the chance to network outside of my normal startup circles and expand my network in many locations and industries. It was a really amazing experience overall and beneficial regardless of your startup stage, background, or industry!
    Paige Brown

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